Cover image for The JAPAN COMPANY HANDBOOK (JCH) 英文会社四季報: No.222_Jun-15
The JAPAN COMPANY HANDBOOK (JCH) 英文会社四季報: No.222_Jun-15
The JAPAN COMPANY HANDBOOK (JCH) 英文会社四季報: No.222_Jun-15
Business & Finance
The JAPAN COMPANY HANDBOOK covers over 3,500 companies listed of Tokyo stock exchange and local exchanges and saves a half page for each company with a chart (for 41 months) of stock prices. The JAPAN COMPANY HANDBOOK is extensively reviewed four times a year. Toyo Keizai's experienced analysts cover companies listed on all exchanges and give the handbook original earnings estimates. Toyo Keizai's earnings estimates are reputed to be highly accurate by many investors through various financial information vendors such as Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, etc.The JAPAN COMPANY HANDBOOK is highly regarded, not only by individual investors, but also by brokerage firms, institutional investors, and other professionals, as their most preferred source of information on investment. It is widely used by foreign brokerages and financial institutions as well. It is an indispensable tool for company researchers and those doing business with Japanese corporations.
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