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Cover image for Falstaff International: Jan 01 2022
Falstaff International: Jan 01 2022
Falstaff International: Jan 01 2022
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Falstaff International is the new global voice in wine, food and travel, bringing you fresh perspectives and expert tips to inspire your next sip, bite or adventure. As a new global voice with a proven track record, a subscription to Falstaff International magazine brings you accessible, authentic and authoritative stories about wine, spirits, food and travel, from our European roots, across the globe. Fine wine, good food and memorable journeys – these are the themes that Falstaff covers at the highest level, written by passionate writers with an exceptional nose for the best things in life. Every issue delivers high quality journalism and stunning visuals to inspire your next sip, bite or adventure. You’ll also find wine features from Europe and across the globe; interviews, insights, reports and profiles; themed seasonal, regional and varietal tastings with wine tips, scores and tasting notes; thought-provoking essays and in-depth reporting; food, restaurant and recipe features; and culinary travel destinations with a focus on local flavours. FROM THE PUBLISHER A subscription to Falstaff International magazine gives you long-standing expertise and fresh perspectives on everything you want to know about wine, food and travel. Founded in 1980 as a wine magazine in Austria, Falstaff today is an established media platform in German-speaking Europe with leading publications and websites in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Falstaff print and e-magazines including line extensions make Falstaff the biggest wine, food and travel magazine in German-speaking Europe with a total circulation of around 150,000. In all three countries Falstaff publishes authoritative annual wine guides reflecting and representing these countries’ wine industries. The German and Austrian guides also appear in English. With the homepages, and, the newsletters, the social media presence and the guide apps, Falstaff’s total audience and community is in the millions. Falstaff International is the first foray into English language publishing by Falstaff Publishing. Published quarterly since 2021 and read by industry insiders, wine lovers, gourmets and well-heeled travelers in more than 40 countries, a subscription to Falstaff International takes you on an adventure for all the senses—from prized wines and premier growing regions to exotic flavours and destinations. Subscribe today to discover the joy of seeing the world afresh through the eyes of Falstaff and allow us to guide you toward the pleasure that you crave and deserve.
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