Between the Lines
2022 Reading Challenge

What is the challenge?

The Between the Lines 2022 Reading Challenge is an annual challenge made up of 24 unique prompts. Match one book to each prompt for a total of 24 books throughout the year. The goal is to try new authors or genres, push ourselves to read more, read differently, and most importantly... to have fun!

How does it work?

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Using the list below, match one book to each of the 24 prompts (24 books total). Get as creative as you like when interpreting the prompts!

When January 1, 2022 rolls around, start reading!

Track your progress on the official challenge form. You can also pick one up at the library beginning in January. Once you've finished one of the prompts, check it off the list and make note of which title you've read and the date you finished the book.

Once the list is complete, bring it into any Charlotte County Library branch at any time in 2022. Everyone who completes the challenge will receive a prize, while supplies last!

Other helpful reminders: You can complete the list in any order. You can also interpret the prompts as narrowly or broadly as you'd like, using any format of reading and any author or genre that you feel fits the prompt.

This challenge is for ages 13+.




  1. A book recommended in our newsletter, Between the Lines
  2. An award-winning book
  3. A book with a number in the title
  4. A book with a recipe in it
  5. Re-read a favorite book from your past
  6. A book set in Florida
  7. A book by an author you have never read
  8. A new book by a favorite author
  9. A children's book you loved as a child
  10. A classic novel you have never read
  11. A book recommended by a librarian or friend
  12. A book on display at the library
  13. Any book published in 2022
  14. A book with a female main character
  15. Read part of any book in a county park
  16. A book that is set in the place you were born
  17. A biography of someone you admire
  18. A book made into a movie or TV show
  19. A retelling of a fairytale or myth
  20. A book based on a real person
  21. A book that includes a map
  22. A book with "Library" in the title
  23. A book you can read in one sitting
  24. A book with over 300 pages