Printing at the Library

No printer? No problem! Print at the library or from home.

Printing is available at $.20 per page for black and white or $.50 per page for color. Print release stations accept credit and debit cards only.

The maximum file size is 5 MB. Accepted formats are PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, JPG, PNG, and GIF.

Need to make copies? Here's how.

First, send your printing

Choose one of the methods below to send your documents. You'll have 24 hours to pick them up at any Charlotte County library branch.

laptop printing

Use a library laptop

Print from the menu in the program you're using. When prompted for a release ID, enter your library card number. You'll scan your card at the printer.

How to print from a laptop 

Use the web portal

Use the web portal to send your file or webpage, then pick it up at any Charlotte County library branch. You'll use your email address to send your document.

Go to the web portal 
web portal
email to the printer

Email an attachment

Printing an email attachment? Forward it to (B&W) or (color).

Then, pick up your printing

Once you've sent your documents, hHead over to the printer at any branch to release your job.

touch the screen

Touch the screen to begin.

choose print

Choose Print.

type release ID

Enter your email address or Release ID.

If you used the web portal, you were prompted to enter your email address. Type that same email address now.

If you emailed your document, enter the email address you sent it from. You can double-check this in your email confirmation.

If you printed from a library laptop, you probably entered your library card number as a Release ID. Scan your card or type your number.

select your jobs

A list of all the documents associated with your email or Release ID will appear on the screen. If you emailed your job, you can choose to print the attachment and email body.

deposit balance

Tap on the ones you want to print to select them. They will turn bright green. Don't tap Print yet!

swipe card

Swipe your credit or debit card in the machine's card reader. You can also tap to pay.

card approved

Be patient. The card reader takes a minute, but it will beep when your card has been approved.

tap print

The machine will allow you to print up to $5.00 worth of documents in a single session. Don't worry, you'll only be charged for what you print. If your job costs more, ask staff for help.

Once your Balance has updated to read $5.00, tap Print.

tap X

If you aren't printing everything in your list, tap the X to close your transaction.

print receipt

You can choose to print a receipt if you want one.

take printing

Grab your printed documents from the gray tray in the middle of the printer. You're all set!