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The New York Times

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The New York Times Cooking

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The New York Times Games

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The Wall Street Journal

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Charlotte Sun Archives

Archives of the Port Charlotte Sun dating to June 2013

Today's Charlotte Sun is available to read in the library on our periodical iPads

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Newspaper Archive

Over 130 million historical records from Florida papers

Search for a name or keyword or browse by location or date

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A to Z databases

Search this database to find businesses, people, and jobs

Generate mailing lists and sales leads

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Florida Electronic Library

Search magazines, eBooks, newspapers and more

Great for homework and student research

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Value Line

Investment research on companies, industries, markets and economies

Daily stock market updates


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In-library access to census data, vital records, directories, and photos

Search for obituaries and marriages

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Family Search

In-library access to genealogical and historical records

Connect with experts in the genealogy community

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Heritage Quest

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Records for more than 60 countries, dating back to the 1700s

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Charlotte County Genealogical Society

Connect with other local researchers

Join online classes to get started with your family tree