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Match one book to each prompt for a total of 24 books throughout the year. We'll try new authors or genres, push ourselves to read more, read differently, and most importantly... have fun!

Looking for the 2023 list? It's here.

12 months. 24 prompts. Are you in?

  1.   A genre crossover: a historical mystery, urban sci-fi, "romantasy," etc.
  2.   A book about personal transformation
  3.   A book that's becoming a movie or TV series (Read it first!)
  4.   A book related to dragons, for the year of the dragon
  5.   A book with a pun in the title
  6.   A book about (or written by) a person with a physical or mental disability
  7.   A book set in the Southern Hemisphere
  8.   A book with a song or poem in it
  9.   An author's debut novel
  10. Use our Your Next Five Books service and read one of the books recommended for you
  11. A book related to a sport included in the summer Olympics
  12. A book with a villain or anti-hero as the main character
  13. An adventure story
  14. A book related to time or time travel
  15. A book centered around a holiday other than Christmas
  16. A book that takes place in a library or bookshop
  17. A book you chose based entirely on its cover
  18. A celebrity-author collaboration
  19. Read a beach read at the beach
  20. A book told in flashback
  21. A mystery published before 1960; that is, from the Golden Age of Mystery
  22. A book about someone in a STEM profession (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math)
  23. A book you've been meaning to read for a while
  24. Any book published in 2024


How does it work?

Using the list above, match one book to each of the 24 prompts (24 books total). Get as creative as you like when interpreting the prompts!

When January 1 rolls around, start reading! The 2024 challenge must be completed by December 31, 2024.

Track your progress on the official challenge form. You can also pick one up at the library beginning in January. Once you've finished one of the prompts, check it off the list and make note of which title you've read and the date you finished the book.

You can complete the list in any order. You can also interpret the prompts as narrowly or broadly as you'd like, using any format of reading and any author or genre that you feel fits the prompt.

This challenge is for ages 13+.


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Claim your prize

Once the list is complete, bring it into any Charlotte County Library branch at any time in 2024. Everyone who completes the challenge will receive a super cool color-changing water bottle, while supplies last!

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